About Me

I'm Andrew Harrison, a software and web developer in Seattle, WA.

During the last ten years, I have worked for a variety of companies as a full-stack developer with a front-end focus. Most recently my projects have focused on JavaScript (using React/Redux, as well as Babel and Webpack) and Ruby (mostly Rails); past jobs and experimentation have led me to work in Java, PHP, Node.js, Elixir, and several other languages. This breadth of exposure has helped me excel at translating patterns for performant, reliable, maintainable software across languages and frameworks. Furthermore, I feel at home in an environment with continuous testing and deployment and consider myself proficient in version control under Git.

In addition to my technical abilities I am known for my exceptional communication skills, diligent attention to detail, and willingness to be a teacher or leader. I maintain a deep commitment to professional growth, constantly reading up on advances and issues in programming as well as engaging in hands-on experimentation.

One of my top career goals at present is to work in a position that directly contributes to social good. Knowing that my work is improving quality of life is a strong motivator for me, so I'm seeking out potential employers that might include charitable foundations, NGOs, and organizations working to advance the state of human health, education, sustainability, community development, and civic activism.

I'm also interested in working remotely. This isn't just out of convenience: I am a strong proponent of asynchronous workflows, a fairly aggressive practitioner of Inbox Zero, and a devout believer in documented decisions. While relocation is not an option, I am amenable to periodic travel in conjunction with remote positions.

Work History

I have worked a few short-term jobs between longer stints, but I omit them here for the sake of brevity. I'll be glad to describe my minor roles during a phone call or by email if necessary.

Socrata Link to Socrata April 2015 — present
Moveline Link to Moveline November 2013 — November 2014
Seeker Solutions Link to Seeker Solutions April 2012 — November 2013
MyEdu Link to MyEdu June 2009 — August 2011
Tradelogic Software Link to Tradelogic Software March 2008 — January 2009

Related Interests

In addition to my day job, I have also recently begun to volunteer with Ada Developers Academy, a non-profit that provides tuition-free career training in software development to women and non-binary people.


Rice University August 2003 — May 2007

During university I earned a B.A. in Linguistics, with an emphasis in bilingualism and secondary language acquisition.

My career in coding owes a lot to the Intro to Computer Science course that I took, oddly enough, for fun. I enjoyed the first semester of the course so much that I volunteered as a teaching assistant for it while taking the second half in the following semester. I don't doubt that my linguistics courses have helped me write better code, though — ask me how!


The best way to reach me is by email at andrew.m.harrison@gmail.com.

References available upon request. No recruiters, please.